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Robobike DIY

We are a source for DIY builders who wish to turn sweat equity into a custom, special purpose bicycle. Our projects includes travel bikes that assemble as singles or tandems, highly efficient tandem bikes, battery powered and a beginner recumbent project. We also supply welding fixtures and metal working tooling for professionals.

Robobike Electric Bikes

We Do Not know where you can buy cheap motors, cheap batteries, cheap controllers, cheap frame materials or anything else associated with bicycling. We do not do cheap. It is possible, in fact probable, that a DIY bike will come in at a small fraction of the cost of a purchased bike, but that is due to other factors other than cheap. We do want to hear from you and possibly help you acheive success with your project, but please don't ask us to do your shopping for you. We won't.

Robobike now has a bike with astronomical telescope included

We do supply tech support for those of you who have bought kits, fixtures and books from us. Your documentation packet gives you contact info that is valid. However, our focus has now shifted to battery powered and power generation and away from bikes for hobbyists. Visit our Legacy page for pics of what we have done in years past.

We do not know how much our bicycles weigh so don't ask. In fact, unless you are really serious about doing something special, just go away. OK? If you are in fact for real, drop Bingo a line at Bingo(at)Robobike.com We want to hear from you.

Single Wheel trailer stowed